Oct 22



by Edward Teabelly

Its been a little while since I posted here at EDWARDTEABELLY.COM but the wait has been worth it as now I can finally let you guys know we have a brand new teashirt NOW AVAILABLE in the teashop.

‘SPUD’ has been in the works for a little while so im very excited to finally release this new goodie, however this is a VERY limited release and a small number will only be available so dont miss out on grabbing this little spook.

Like everything that leaves Teabelly Towers, it comes at the highest quality with lots of blood, sweat and in this case, slime going into each and every item, thanks for all the support and look out for a few new pins coming in the next week or 2!

Pinkys Up!


May 4


May The Fourth Be With You..

by Edward Teabelly

Happy Star Wars day folks…vaders brew

Nov 5


Remember Remember..

by Edward Teabelly

So 5th of November is upon us again, more commonly know as Bonfire Night of Guy Fawkes night here in the UK. Alot of people seem to have forgotton the true origins and meaning of this significent date in history over the years which is a shame as I find it truely interesting. Its seen more of an excuse to drink, eat BBQ food and sit around a bonfire until late into the evening now…which is good fun dont get me wrong, but knowing why this date is celebrated is important too!

Although it got mixed reviews, I was always a fan of the movie V for Vendetta, which pretty much gives you a taste of the meaning of Guy Fawkes night, if you havent seen it then you really need to!



Jul 18


My Favorite Sandwich??

by Edward Teabelly

Long time supporter and all round awesome guy Anthony ‘Biggie’ Bencomo runs a really fun brand called ‘Deli Fresh Threads which focuses on his love of sandwiches! His branding and running theme is AMAZING!!

Biggie got in touch a little while back about featuring me on the Deli Fresh Threads blog in his really fun ‘whats your favorite sandwich?’ interview series, how could I turn down such an interview!! You can head HERE to check out the great featured and VERY kind words he wrote about Edward Teabelly.

As an indie clothing brand its always great to see such amazing brands like Deli Fresh Threads doing what they love, taking risks, having fun and growing just like us here at Edward Teabelly.

Head over to DELI FRESH THREADS now and grab a snack, er I mean t shirt..

Pinkies Up

Deli Fresh Threads



Jun 28


Vanity Hype Magazine

by Edward Teabelly

Vanity Hype Magazine were kind enough to feature us in their current issue 25 this week, not once, but twice! You can see the features by reading the magazine online or by purchasing a printed issue here.

Vanity Hype is a bi-monthly non profit UK-based independent unisex publication focusing on fashion and lifestyle, tattoos and music among other things. The magazine  is currently available as a professionally printed full colour copy or a digital format as a PDF or iPad version and is run by an amazing team!

Head over to http://vanityhype.com/ and support a great independent uk magazine!


Jun 10


Toy Story

by Edward Teabelly

For those of you who are following the Edward Teabelly Instagram page (if your not, you should be) then you may have seen a sneaky little image I uploaded a day or 2 back of a secret package that arrived here at Teabelly Towers titled ‘whats in the box’.

Its been hard to keep this little guy a secret until he was completely finished but I am now excited to finally show off our very own custom Edward Vinyl Toy!! Close Up

Ever since I started this brand vinyl toys were something I always wanted to add to my ‘to do’ list for the future so when I came across the VERY talented toy collector and customiser Karen ‘ KRUNSTER Langwieser, it was the perfect opportunity to bring Edward to life…well sort of!

After a few chats about what an Edward Vinyl Toy would look like, I recieved some great WIP shots from Karen which just blew my mind from the start. Progress Head Front

Progress Body Front and Back

The finished model is beyond anything I could have imagined and the sculpting work that has gone into this piece really amazes me. I’ve had ideas for some time now on smaller Teabelly Toys at some point so seeing this just makes me that much more excited of things to come!Edward Teabelly Munny

Edward Munny

If you want to check out Karen’s work and I highly recommend you do then head over to her Instagram here to check out all her custom projects.

Pinkys Up!

Jun 8


Big Smiles

by Edward Teabelly

One of the most, if not THE most rewarding thing about owning and running a brand or business is the feedback, whether its good or bad.

I say good or bad because without the bad feedback you can’t grow, you cant get better, improve and change things up in order to succeed. On the other hand, the positive feedback is one of the most amazing feelings you can get when doing something you love! Hearing positive words coming from someone who enjoys what you do is by far the biggest reward anyone in this game could ask for!


May 24


Pinkys Up, Punk

by Edward Teabelly

cm punk cup of tea

May 13



by Edward Teabelly

Who doesnt love a novelty mug and what better novelty mug to own then ET himself. I found this little treasure aswel as a cute miniature teapot shaped radio among some other bits and bobs a little while back. Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen snaps of these little treasures. ET MugTeapot-Radio

I was lucky enough to recieve this Mad Hatter teapot as a gift a while back and just had to share it. A wonderful piece to have on display in the office I must say.
Mad HatterPinkys Up!

- Edward

May 11



by Edward Teabelly

For quite sometime now ive been getting emails from people with many questions, generally asking how I got started, asking for advice or tips and hints on how to get started with their own brands. The most common question that seems to pop up quite alot is how did the logo come about? and how does the final logo today reflect your original idea?

With those questions in mind, I figured I would dig out my original sketches and sit down to write something up just to explain my thoughts on where Edward came from and how he developed to what you see today as the trademarked logo of the brand.

When I first started fleshing out ideas for the brand the name was already there and as many people know it was a nickname that has stuck with me since University, but what I didnt have straight away was a logo. I had alot of design ideas, doodles and sketches, notes, product ideas, packaging ideas, an actual teashop idea, but no logo!

A logo is one of the most important parts that you need to nail when starting any business, whether its going to be a symbol or a simple typography logo in a particular font style, it needs to fit with your brand direction and ideas perfectly, it needs to be memorable and appealing right off the bat because for the most part, it will be the first thing people will see when they come across your brand.First Draft

While I was playing with ideas I found myself looking at packaging for Tea products aswel as other brand logo’s, especially in streetwear and clothing. This really helped me to work out what I felt would or wouldnt work for my brand, which then was just an idea and a note book of design concepts! I wasnt sure on which way to go, should I have a simple or fancy font logo? Should I use some sort of symbol logo like a teapot or something? The more I thought about it, the more ideas I had. I saw Edward Teabelly as the alter ego of myself so I had the idea of creating an actual character that could represent the name and the brand as the logo itself and as the mascot. Why not have an actual person/character BE the logo!

The more I thought about it the more it got me excited and made me think of how different it would be. I saw alot and I mean alot of brands with great font logos but that was it, some had no symbols or anything and I wanted to change that. I wanted to add some character to my brands logo.Crossed

The moment I sat down with a tracing pad, I pictured what Edward would look like straight away. A jolly looking English gent with a teacup top hat, moustache and monocle was my first mental description. For some reason, I kept sketching out his top hat with a handle, very much like a cup/mug but after many revisions I wasn’t feeling it so that quickly got removed and replaced with an actual teapot symbol on the front of his hat. Its kind of strange because working with an illustrator at the time as I was, we sent back and forth variations of Edward, my original sketches, his revisions, my revisions and so forth but in the end, the final logo which you see today is pretty much close to what I  originally sketched up in the begining. I had a vision in my head of what Edward would look like and pretty much stuck with it, minus a few slight changes ofcourse.Final-Decisions

The whole decision behind using a character as the logo/mascot was a pretty easy one for me. It opened the door to many ways of using him in designs, in products and so forth to make the brand fun and cool yet be unique and still remain a streetwear brand. So much has been done before so its all about reinventing and using your inspirations and loves as a base for your own ideas to come up with something that feels fresh and I felt the Edward logo and more importantly, Edward as a character did that!

There is alot bubbling for the future with more Edward designs, the Edward Classic possibly coming in new colourways. There is alot planned and alot I want to achieve with the brand with plenty of  fresh designs, new products and so forth.




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